Two women sitting on the bench in a park talking, facing the camera.

A: I used to think that I've never been dumped.

B: Yeah, then we started comparing notes. Then we realized we've both been dumped by every man we've ever been with.

A: Everyone.

B: Yeah.

A: But they do it so skilfully...

B: Yeah.

A: They're just so sneaky that you think that it's your idea.

B: Yeah. You're sitting back and you're like: Oh, yeah. This is my idea. But wait a second, why am I alone?

A: Why am I unhappy? Why have I gained 20 pounds? They Jedi mind-trick you.

B: Yeah, they do.

A: So they do a soft pass.

B: Yeah. They got little lines they like to tell you.

A: Like, "I don't wanna stand in your way."

B: Or, "You're perfect, it's just I have to work on myself."

A: Right, "I'm thinking of your happiness."

B: Oh, "I don't desert you." That's my favourite one.

A: You know the other one I like? "I am so jealous of the guy who gets to marry you." Well, that could have been you. That's what I was leaning forwards.

B: Yeah. And the second you hear that, you just run to the store, get yourself some ribs and some ice cream... because you have been dumped.


-- from the motion picture He's Just Not That into You.

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